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12/14/2016 - To ensure that you receive PM notification emails: Add to your email's safe-senders or contacts list. Check your spam/junk folder for emails from and mark them as "Not Spam".
6/8/2016 - Feet Size (in) has been replaced with Shoe Size. Please edit your profile as needed.
4/28/2016 - Issue with unsaved Seeking/Available gender selections has been resolved. Visit your Account Settings to set these options.
4/23/2016 - New gender options are available: "Seeking..." for clients, and "Available to..." for providers. Adjust these options by going to My Profile -> Account Settings. The Advanced Search also now includes an "Available to..." gender selection.
1/13/2016 - Forums are now open at Trustedfling. Join the discussion in the public forums, or start a private board where you control membership and moderation. Go to the Forums
11/13/2015 - Providers: You can now optionally display your verified phone number and email on your public profile. Visit your My Profile page and click the Account Settings tab.
10/16/2015 - Providers: You can now place Trustedfling banners in forum posts and emails, as well as websites. Banner clicks at any of those locations will count towards your click-count for free additional ad slots. Go to your start page and scroll to the banners section for more details.
9/27/2015 - Giftcard promos end on Oct 1. Thanks to everyone for participating!
8/8/2015 - We will be performing server upgrades over the next 24 hours. The website may slow down for brief periods during this time. Thanks for your patience.
8/1/2015 - Starting on August 2, the backpage reward amounts will change. Thanks to everyone for participating in our giftcard promo!
7/12/2015 - Level calculator has been adjusted to prevent over-inflation. Don't worry if your level number decreases - your safety references are still intact.
6/18/2015 - Providers, you can add your Twitter Follow Link to your Trustedfling profile. Go to the Start Page for more details.
6/16/2015 - Win free Amazon eGift cards by inviting new users to Trustedfling! Click here for details
6/15/2015 - We will be performing server upgrades over the next 24 hours. The website may slow down for brief periods during this time. Thanks for your patience.
6/13/2015 - Profile text is back! Edit your profile and enter a free-form text description to say a bit about yourself.
6/11/2015 - New Feature: Picture Visibility Controls. You can now control who sees your pics: everyone, only registered users, only registered users with a minimum Level, or no one. Edit your profile to see the new options. Coming soon: Amazon gift card rewards for referrals!
6/4/2015 - New feature: Advanced Search Filters are now available!
5/14/2015 - We will be performing server upgrades over the next two days. The website may slow down for brief periods during this time. Thanks for your patience.
5/9/2015 - New Help Pages have been added. Coming soon: selective picture visibility controls.
4/27/2015 - User blocking feature is now available. Click the "Block" button on a users' profile page to block message and rating notifications from that user.
4/21/2015 - New mobile-friendly site released! Coming soon: advanced search filters.
Provider Registration
Join as a Provider to post ads and screen clients.
Client Registration
Join as a Client to contact providers and review providers.
Email Validation
When you sign up for an account, will send an email to the address you entered on the registration page. You must click the validation link in this email to complete account activation.

To ensure that you receive this email, add to the safe-senders or contacts list in your email system. If you didn't receive the activation email, the first step is to make sure you spelled your email address correctly - you can visit the account settings page to check the spelling. Next, check your spam/junk folder for the email; if you find it there, mark the message as "not spam". If you still haven't received the message, you can try resending the validation email.

The email address you provide for registration is used only to send validation and notification messages from the website. We will never sell or give away your email address to others.
The Safety Reference System
Safety References
Safety References are positive or negative references given by providers to clients and clients to providers. A Positive Reference indicates that the refer-er considers the refer-ee to be a safe person who is not a danger to the community. A Negative Reference indicates the opposite. You can view or give references by clicking the blue "View" or "Rate" buttons on a user's profile page.

When you receive a positive reference from another user, it only becomes visible and active after you return a reference (positive or negative) back to the sender. The website will send you a private message reminding you to check your safety references and return any that are pending a reply, and you will see any pending references highlighted in your own safety reference screen. The same applies to a positive reference that you send to another user - your reference will not be visible on their profile until they send you a reference in return. Negative references work differently - they are visible immediately in the recipient's safety list, to protect the community from harmful people.

Safety references are dated, so you can see when a user received each of their references. You can also re-send a new updated reference to someone you rated in the past; this updates the date of the reference. Recent references are more valuable than older ones (see User Levels below). Updated references work the same way as regular references - positive updates need to be exchanged to become active with the new date, while negative updates are applied immediately.

If you block another user (see Blocking Users below), the website will not send you PM reminders regarding any ratings they may give you, and your list of pending references will not include the blocked user.
User Levels
A user's Level is a number from 0 to 10, that is a combined summarized score of the user's positive and negative safety references. All users start at Level 1. The more positive references a user has, the higher their Level will be. Be wary of a Level 0 user, as that may indicate a large number of negative safety references.

As your Level increases, your outgoing references (positive or negative) have a greater influence on other people's Levels. Likewise, receiving references from high Level users has a greater impact on your own Level. This system helps ensure that trusted members of the community can easily weed out fake or unsafe members, and helps prevent untrusted users from damaging your reputation.

Recent references have a greater impact on Level than older ones. You can update the date of a reference by re-sending it (see Safety References above).
Provider-Provider References
Providers can exchange positive references with other providers to indicate safety and trust. These references will appear in the safety reference screens of both providers involved, but they are not used when calculating a provider's Level.
Private Messaging
Blocking Users
To stop seeing private messages from a particular user, you can block the user. Visit the user's profile page and click the blue "Block" button. If you change your mind, you can un-block the user by clicking the "Blocked" button again.

Blocking is similar to your email spam filter - when you block someone, they will not be aware that you blocked them. From their perspective, it will look like the messages are going through as normal.

When you block a user, you will also not receive notifications of any positive safety references they may send to you. See Safety References above for more info.
Privacy of Conversations
We take your privacy very seriously. Your Private Messages are truly private, and can only be seen by you and the person you are communicating with. No one else will ever view your conversations.
Posting Ads
How Ads Work
When you sign up for a provider account, your profile automatically appears in ad search results in your profile's home location. You can also post ads to indicate your availability, both in your home location and elsewhere. All ad posts are free. Each ad has an Arrival Date and Leaving Date. Your ad becomes active and visible immediately upon posting (even if the Arrival Date is in the future), and expires the day after the Leaving Date. You can also manually delete the ad at any time. Visit the Post Ad page to post and manage your ads. Feel free to post ads in multiple locations, but please limit yourself to one ad per location. Your ads are automatically top-posted every time you log in.
Moving Your Posts to the Top
Your ads are moved towards the top of search results based on how recently you were active on the website. Users who were last seen an hour ago are further up the list than those seen a day ago. The search results constantly sort themselves based on recent user activity.
Your password is one-way encrypted on our systems. This means that your password is secure and private. No one has access to your password. staff can't see your password, and will never ask you for your password. Do NOT share your password with anyone, including anyone claiming to be on staff.

Choose a password that is not easy for others to guess. Punctuation and spaces are allowed, so you can use phrases and sentences in your password.

If you forgot your username and/or password, Click Here and follow the instructions to get logged back into your account.
Contact Us
Click here to contact us through Private Messaging or by Email.
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